Men’s Player Profile

Rossendale Raptors U16 MVP 2013-14
-Preston college U18 North west Champions 2014-15
-Preston college U18 national runners up and AoC national champions 2015-16
-Rossendale raptors hynburn runners up 2016-17
-Rossendale raptors 2017-18
Your message to other players
– I believe that that this team brings competitiveness and high intensity in training and in games throughout the season. Looking forward to getting to know the team and being apart of Lancashire spinners. Weather we win or lose I’m just looking forward to playing at a higher competition.
Your best moment
– playing at Preston college basketball academy under coach Malcolm Leak.
Something few people know about you.
– I’m a chef
Social media:
You can find me on Instagram
Instagram – @hje_steele

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