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Rossendale Raptors Womens Basketball Club is a local community club that provides basketball opportunities for women and girls of all levels and abilities. We run weekly practices for all age groups across Rossendale and Accrington and has teams competing in various different leagues and competitions. We have Clubmark accreditation which is recognition of the excellent way the club is run, the quality of our basketball sessions and our commitment to providing a safe environment for everyone to participate in.

Most of all we are a club that prides itself on being a club for all that is welcoming, fun, interactive and with a strong social element.  Our aim is to be a community club, for the local community.

Season So Far

Playoff SF Manchester Lynx 1 vs Raptors Women
Raptors Women vs Stockport Starlings
Alder Grange High School
Raptors Women vs Holy Cross Angels
Alder Grange High School
Raptors Women vs Stockport Lapwings
Alder Grange High School
Stockport Starlings vs Raptors Women
Stockport Owls vs Raptors Women
Manchester Lynx 1 vs Rossendale Raptors Women’s
Stockport Lapwings vs Rossendale Raptors Women’s
Rossendale Raptors Women’s vs Manchester Lynx 1
Alder Grange High School
Holy Cross Angels vs Rossendale Raptors Women’s
Manchester Lynx 2 vs Rossendale Raptors Women’s

Our Team

Womens Premier Division
2018/19, 2019/20