League: National Basketball League

The National Basketball League, or NBL for short, is a league competition representing professional, semi-professional and amateur basketball clubs from England and Wales. It forms levels 2 to 5 on the British Basketball pyramid, in line with the Scottish Basketball Championship, sitting directly below the top tier British Basketball League.

The league has teams split across four levels:
Division 1 (14 teams)
Division 2 (12 teams)
Division 3 North and South (20 teams)
Division 4 North, Midlands, South East and South West (40-48 teams)
The league also runs the English Women’s Basketball League, with Division 1 and Division 2 North and South, and a junior structure with over 450 junior clubs competing in Under-18s, Under-16s and Under-14s leagues.[1]

There is no promotion and relegation between the National League and the British Basketball League (BBL), which operates a franchise system. Despite this, several teams have been successful in making the step up from the League to the BBL in recent years, most notably the Worcester Wolves, the Plymouth Raiders and the Bristol Flyers.

Conor Porter

Connor Porter

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